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FAQ – Do you have any questions about the order process?

If you have a question, please get in touch at or call us: +41 43 500 33 80. Our office is open from 8 am to 6 pm.

How does Supertext’s order process work?

When you place your order, your personal project manager will check the project details to ensure everything is just right. It is then passed on to the relevant language manager, who selects the perfect translator and proofreader from a team of professional native speakers and checks the quality of the translation. As soon as your order is ready, you will receive an email from your project manager with a link to your translation.

How is the price calculated?

Supertext’s base rate is CHF 120 to CHF 180 per hour, depending on the language combination. The speed of translation varies from 200 words per hour (transcreation) to 300 words per hour (specialist translation) or 400 words per hour (general translation). Our system counts the words in your document and automatically calculates the price for the translation and quality control (1,200 words per hour). You can change the price by selecting a different deadline.

Which service is right for me?

For complex texts with specialist terminology, select the specialist translation service. Creative texts for advertising and marketing usually require a transcreation – free adaptations that are just as effective as the original. For all other texts, select the general translation service.

Which documents are suitable for translation?

We can translate all document types – and we’ll return them perfectly formatted. Files that cannot be edited, such as a PDF, will be converted to a Microsoft Word document. We can also translate directly into graphics files, such as InDesign. Talk to your project manager or contact the Supertext team for further details: +41 43 500 33 80

Who translates my copy?

Whenever possible, your copy will be worked on by the same translator, who is a professional, certified native speaker selected by our language managers. All copy is proofread and cross-checked with the source text by a certified proofreader (two-phase service).