Supertext and Textshuttle, the Swiss specialist for tailor-made AI translation solutions, are merging.

We’re joining forces to give Europe the language technology company it deserves. One that combines client-specific AI translation models with professional linguists, viewing them as two sides of the same coin that interact with and learn from each other – to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our consolidated team of 120 experts is working towards a clear goal: to offer companies, discerning teams and individuals a comprehensive solution for their multilingual communication. We’re developing leading-edge, flexible and secure language AI solutions and will combine them with experienced linguists from all fields of expertise on a centralized platform.

This hybrid approach opens up new possibilities: it’s more economical, promises a smooth translation experience for any type of content, and is faster and more secure – from both a linguistic and a technical perspective.

For now, Textshuttle and Supertext will continue to operate under their existing names. In the meantime, we’re working flat out to integrate all areas and look forward to a host of highlights under the joint name Supertext at the end of 2024.

Here’s to new horizons – and to even more exciting collaboration with you.

On behalf of the new Supertext team

Samuel Läubli, CEO

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“AI company, or translation agency? We see ourselves as more of an insurance provider.”

What do Supertext and Textshuttle have planned together? We asked the founders, who talk about unsolved problems in multilingual communication and the perfect interaction between AI and human experts.

Supertext Team

Supertext Team

Our experts are here to help

The consolidated team from Supertext and Textshuttle consists of experts from the fields of artificial intelligence, linguistics, project management and security in Berlin and Zurich. Plus a global network of more than 3,000 freelance language professionals.