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Proofreading for your thesis,
dissertation and more

Supertext – the world’s pickiest proofreading service.

Your bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis, dissertation: whatever you want.

Supertext’s proofreading service is even pickier than your professor. We put the finishing touches to your work – super fast and with a 50% student discount.


Error-free from CHF 0.05/word.

We’ll help you produce something super. From just CHF 0.05/word. No overlooked errors, no hidden costs.


Up to 9,000 words a day

Deadline stress? We know the feeling. And we’d like to help relieve yours.


A pleasure to read – guaranteed

Supertext employs more than 2,000 copywriters, translators, proofreaders and editors from all fields and industries.


Super easy

Upload, relax, collect. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

How right is just right?

Our express service will take care of your documents faster – and better – than your fellow students can do it. We’ll even do a double check on request.


Orthographic and grammatical corrections by an experienced proofreader.


Proofreading (two-phase service)

Double the service – orthographic and grammatical corrections by two experienced proofreaders.



Orthographic and grammatical corrections and stylistic improvements by an experienced editor.


We’re happy to help you choose. Use our contact form or call us on +41 43 500 33 80.

Advance payment required: the job starts as soon as you provide proof of payment. This is possible via PayPal credit card payment and/or bank transfer.

Every area of expertise – we’ve got it covered.

We make reading a pleasure. From school projects through to doctoral dissertations.

Type of work

Our proofreading service for students covers all academic work:

Bachelor’s theses, master’s theses, dissertations, coursework, essays, independent projects, interdisciplinary project work, high school papers, scientific papers and much more.

Subject area

Supertext is multi-talented, thanks to its pool of more than 2,000 language experts

Law, business, mathematics, physics, social sciences, IT, languages, literature, communication, journalism, PR, history, art/music/design and much more.

How would you like your corrections to be made?

We offer different methods of editing and proofreading according to the document format, so you can see where corrections have been made.


Track changes

Word documents can be corrected using the tracking function.


Editing tools and comments

PDF documents can be corrected using editing tools and comments.


Directly in the document

Changes are made directly in the document and are visible only when compared with the original document.


Handwritten proofing

If requested, we can print the documents and correct them by hand. The documents will be scanned and sent back as a PDF.

When your text is in the spotlight, we’ll make sure it’s spot-on.

Supertext is not a portal or an order processor. We are a business partner you can rely on – with dedicated advisors for our clients and freelancers.

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One for all. All for you.

Want to know who you’re entrusting your work to? Get to know the Supertext team.

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