The only thing we can’t improve in your annual reports – the numbers.

Reporting with Supertext – the translation and copywriting agency.

Multilingual annual reports.

We write, translate, edit, revise and proofread financial statements, annual and quarterly reports, and other financial documents.

Idea, concept, copy

We develop creative storytelling ideas for your annual reports and put them into words. So your numbers aren't the only things worth reading.

Specialist translation

By an experienced, qualified financial translator. In German, French, Italian and 100 other languages.

Ready to print

The finishing touches. Revision and proofreading. Super perfectionist and super fast. In your editorial system or in PDF.

Reference projects for editing and translation of financial reports.

In a good annual report, it’s not just the numbers that count – words do too.

Migros Group annual report

Supertext translates the Migros annuel report

Migros has produced its annual reports exclusively online since 2009. And Supertext has been responsible for the translations since 2010.

Holzbau Schweiz annual report

Supertext translates the Holzbau Schweiz annual report

Supertext translates both the annual report and legislative brochure.

Goldbach Group annual report

Supertext translates Goldbach Group's annuel report

Supertext was responsible for the English translation of the entire annual report in 2014.

The city of Zurich’s annual report

Supertext proofreads the city of Zurich's annual report

The 2016 annual report covered a total of 400 pages. Supertext vetted it all thoroughly – and in record time.

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APG|SGA AG annual report

Supertext translates APG|SGA's annual report

Since 2017 Supertext translates the annual report of Switzerland's leading out of home media specialist into English.

Erne Holzbau annual report

Supertext copywrites Erne Holzbau's annual report

The 2016 annual report for the leading Swiss timber construction specialist was penned by Supertext, with plenty of creative content. As simple as ash, beech, cedar.

Multilingual financial reporting according to IFRS. Or GAAP FER.

We help ensure companies comply with international standards in reports for shareholders, investors and the general public.

Multilingal reporting according to IFRS or GAAP FER

No more copy/paste. Thanks to direct integration into your publishing system.

Complete control over your translations with our plugins for a range of reporting tools. For example, Neidhart + Schön’s ns.publish.

Success factors for creating multilingual annual reports.

These factors are also integral to corporate communications and investor relations.


Clear and consistent terminology


Conformity with international financial standards


Compliance with the corporate language


Experienced financial editors and specialist translators


256-bit encryption of all data


Punctuality and reliability

A clear statement from our clients.

Read the only thing we don’t write ourselves – client feedback.

Annina Arpagaus, Generalsekretärin des Migros-Genossenschafts-Bundes
Timely, clear and consistent.

Annina Arpagaus, General Secretary of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives

Patrick Suvada, Head of Marketing Communications for the Swiss Contractors’ Association

Patrick Suvada, Head of Marketing Communications for the Swiss Contractors’ Association

Marcel Felchlin, Head of Media Technology at Staffel Medien AG
A reliable partner.

Marcel Felchlin, Head of Media Technology at Staffel Medien AG

Olivier Neidhart, CEO Neidhart + Schön Group
Workflow meets quality.

Olivier Neidhart, CEO of the Neidhart + Schön Group

Your business success story – in over 100 languages

Here’s how we ensure that your annual report translation runs smoothly.

The three key success factors for multilingual annual reports

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Why copywriters make better translators

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Our tips for super annual report translations

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Say goodbye to copy/paste with the Supertext plugin for ns.publish

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One for all. All for you.

Time to meet your contacts. On the phone. Via email. Or at an offline meeting.

Enrico von Walterskirchen

Enrico von Walterskirchen

Sales Manager

Enrico has sold practically everything in his career as copywriter and creative director, but never his soul. With a passion for language and a dedication to service, he’s in charge of keeping clients happy at Supertext. He is a member of the Art Directors Club Switzerland and a lecturer at EB Zürich.

Tel. +41 43 501 30 20

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Laura Fernández

Laura Fernández

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Laura has many years’ experience working with international clients and knows just what it takes to make them happy. After completing her studies at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, she worked as a translator, interpreter, project and key account manager and knows the translation industry inside out.

Tel. +41 43 501 30 15

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