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The only thing we can’t improve in your annual reports – the numbers.

Corporate reporting with Supertext – the translation and copywriting agency

Intelligent solutions for multilingual annual reports.

We know what matters in corporate communication and investor relations. And we’ll put our extensive experience at your service.

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An expert partner for your report

We don’t just deliver words and sentences – we deliver expertise. In everything from the hunt for the perfect linguist through to the selection of the best technology.

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Overall concept and scheduling

Expert planning that stays on track even when things get busy. We offer pre-translation, on-call services, express delivery – and whatever else you need.

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Data security and confidentiality

256-bit encryption, double backups and lips that stay sealed: we know how important discretion is to corporate reporting, and reliably meet the highest requirements.

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Specialist translators in every industry

From finance to pharma and retail to IT – thanks to our international network of more than 2,000 experienced language professionals, we’ve got every area covered.

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Compliant with IFRS and GAAP FER

We’re familiar with international reporting standards and ensure that we comply with them. In every language, from the overall outline through to ready to print.

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Creative storytelling from A to Z

We develop creative storytelling ideas for your annual report and put them into words. So your numbers aren’t the only things worth reading.

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Speeding up the process(es)

With a single online platform for all language services, direct integration into your publishing system – or a custom solution using Supertext’s REST API.

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Your business success story – in every language

Your report is an opportunity to show who you are – including linguistically. Our up-to-the-minute termbase solutions and expert management ensure you’ll never be lost for the right words.

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Ready to print – or to post

Whether in PDF, InDesign, CMS or directly in your publishing system, we’ll put the finishing touches to your report. Super fast and obsessively accurate – in every language.

We’ll put in a good word for you.
In more than 100 languages.

We write, translate, edit, revise and proofread financial statements, annual and quarterly reports, and other financial documents.

Reference projects for the editing and translation of annual reports.

A good annual report doesn’t just nail the numbers. It gets the words right too.

Novartis annual report

Supertext has been supporting the pharmaceutical giant with its publications in German, French and English since 2018.

Migros annual report

Switzerland’s largest retailer produces its annual report exclusively online. And Supertext has been responsible for the translations since 2010.

BKW Geschäftsbericht

The leading Swiss energy provider publishes its report in English, French and German, with Supertext as its translation partner.

Swiss Prime Site Geschäftsbericht

Switzerland’s largest listed real estate company has partnered with Supertext for trilingual reporting.

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APG Geschäftsbericht

Supertext has been translating the annual report for Switzerland’s leading out-of-home media specialist since 2017.

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Stadt Zürich Geschäftsbericht

The city of Zurich’s annual report runs to 400 pages. And Supertext checks it all twice, down to the very last comma.

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World Vision Schweiz Geschäftsbericht

The children’s charity publishes its report in English, French and German. Supertext has been a creative translation partner since 2016.

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SERV Geschäftsbericht

The Swiss Export Risk Insurance has been entrusting its English and French annual reports to Supertext since 2018.

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Supertext is a platinum partner of the Center for Corporate Reporting.

The CCR offers answers to game-changing reporting questions. And we put them into practice.

Say goodbye to copy and paste with direct integration into your publishing system.

Keep complete control over your translations thanks to our plugins for various reporting tools. For example, Neidhart + Schön’s ns.publish.

One for all. All for you.

Time to get to know your new partner. By phone. By email. Or in person.