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For a stylish global brand presence.

We create and localize copy and content. For branding, marketing, retail and e-commerce. From slogans to product descriptions.

Branding and naming of products

Online store localization for any target market

Product descriptions and SEO texts in 100 languages

Multilingual catalogs and brochures

Wording for in-store sales channels

Marketing texts for social media and newsletters

Copywriting and translation for fashion blogs and magazines

Subtitles for product and promotional videos

Copywriting and revision of advertising and PR material

“If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better.”

Anna Wintour, Vogue Editor-in-Chief

Is text important for the textile industry?

Absolutely. The two factors that determine whether a customer will buy are copy quality and use of their native language.

For more than half of online shoppers, content in their native language is more important than the price. And 40% never click on “Buy” if it’s in a foreign language. So more languages equals greater success for your online business.

Ever heard of the Underwear Effect?

The reason translations are so crucial in the fashion industry is due to the Underwear Effect. It’s less silly than it sounds: with Project Underwear, the research company Nimdzi discovered that the more likely a consumer is to access your content while they’re in their underwear – in other words, the more relevant it is to personal use or their private life – the stronger their preference for content in their own language. And what could be more personal than your own clothes?

We’ll help you to fill shopping carts worldwide. With content that inspires both people and search engines. With the right technical solution for your online store. And with high-quality translations for every target market that will never go out of fashion.

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We make your ready-to-wear collection ready to print. In French, English, Italian and more than 100 other languages.

“That awkward moment when you’re wearing Nikes and you can’t do it.”


Supertext. Fits like a glove.

From sports brands to premium lingerie companies and bag designers: we’ve helped fashion customers of all shapes and sizes to achieve success.