Never get lost in film translation again.

We help filmmakers, producers and distributors make it Suntory time. By raising a toast to breaking language barriers.

Script, storyboard, treatment and synopsis translations

Subtitles for movies, film and video

Translation of articles and interviews for research

Transcriptions in more than 100 languages

Editing press releases, reviews and publicity material

Contract and legal document translations

Transcreating submissions for international festivals

Ghostwriting your Academy Award speech

The three acts of film translation.

At Supertext, we understand that film translation is not about words. It’s about building bridges between cultures, languages, teams and audiences.

Act 1: Pre-production and research

As a filmmaker, your cinematic journey begins with research. You may need to translate source material from multiple languages, deal with local teams in the pre-production process, do interviews in French, get the script translated for your international squad. You may even have to create a whole new language like Aurebesh or Elvish. Whatever it is, we have your back.

Act 2: Subtitling and dubbing

Once your film’s been cut, Supertext helps you deal with subtitling and dubbing in more than 100 languages. Wherever your target market is, we’ll help you get your message across. Thanks to our international presence with branches in the US and Europe, we’re able to break almost any language barrier.

Act 3: Marketing and publicity

We can help you write press releases and translate publicity materials for international distribution. Count on us for movie trailers, online content, TV, radio and print ads, not to mention the documents you need for submission to film festivals abroad.

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