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Human quality at superhuman speed.
With Supertext InstantTranslation.

Top translators on speed dial.

InstantTranslation immediately connects you to our top translators, who are all native speakers. The chat-based solution is intended for super-urgent orders up to 350 characters.

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When should I use InstantTranslation?

When you need all the speed of Google Translate, but much higher quality. For example:

  • Last-minute changes to press releases
  • Urgent social media posts
  • Updated quotes for PR material
  • Small changes to websites, apps or software
InstantTranslation Tool

InstantTranslation: the benefits.

Texts you need to share become texts you want to share.

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You order online. And we instantly connect you to a qualified native speaker translator.

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Linguists are hand-picked to help you maintain your corporate language even when things get busy.

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Use the chat to provide context, ask questions and give feedback. Until your translation is perfect.

Fast – yet reliable. Existing TM and TB included.

InstantTranslation relies on state-of-the-art translation memory and termbase solutions. For efficient processing in line with your style guides.

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Ready to get started?

Our translators are ready. How about you? We’d be happy to show you InstantTranslation in person during a live demo.

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