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Supertext freelancer network

The market for online training has grown by 900% in 20 years – and the number and type of learners has kept pace. But, from an explanatory video for customers to corporate training, only those who immerse themselves in the content can learn sustainably.

With multilingual learning content, you can reach users where they feel right at home: in their native language. The learning experience is thus more engaging and comprehensive, leading to success with new target groups.

We help you overcome the linguistic, cultural and technical hurdles. For effective online courses – in more than 100 languages.

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Authentic learning, from start to finish

We help companies of all kinds make their e-learning content fit for a global audience.

Tailored texts

Course content in more than 100 languages

Video and audio localization

From subtitles to multilingual voiceovers

Images and graphics

Tailored to the culture and the people in it

Program design and storyboard

Based on the audience’s learning habits

Characters and program titles

International naming for every target market

Layout and desktop publishing

Authentic learning environments, from icons to navigation

Supertext freelancer network

More than 2,000 education-focused professionals in over 100 languages.

Our team of local copywriters and translators will support you with their language expertise. And their knowledge of what helps people learn – whether in Europe, the Americas or Asia.

From LMS to LXP

Supertext is familiar with each of the major learning platforms and can work directly on them. We deliver translated content in your desired file format – from HTML to XLIFF and beyond.

Supertext TMS

Supertext x Degreed+

Degreed upskills the world with Supertext

The learning technology suite for companies of all sizes helps its user community flourish through regionalized, premium learning content. And, with support from Supertext, is making that content accessible around the world.

Let’s hammer out a plan – together.

Get support. And a handpicked localization team, too. Tell us about your learning setup, and we’ll do the rest.

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