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Language solutions for all media and content

From InDesign to HTML: we work directly in your desired format. Or implement technical solutions for your CMS.

Fact sheets and forms

We ensure that your instructions are understood – and followed.

Content marketing

For your blog, newsletter or website.

Website localization

With plugins for CMS such as WordPress and Drupal.

PR and press releases

For PR that transcends borders.


In the file format of your choice.

Videos and films

From the script to the subtitles.

Contracts and legal documents

Top-quality legal translations.

Marketing brochures

Multilingual DTP on demand.

Surgical precision from A to Z

Patients, doctors, public authorities, media... they all speak different languages. But when it comes to quality, they’re all on the same page.

Creating trust and avoiding misunderstandings are the goals of medical texts. This requires language that is accessible to patients. And accessibility isn’t just about technical terminology and correct grammar and punctuation. Clarity and structure are just as important in getting your message across to a lay audience.

Five million words and counting

Since 2005, we’ve put in a good word for countless hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, medical technicians and healthcare publishers. With convincing, easy-to-understand content and top-quality translations for every target audience. And with copy that’s as precise as it is simple.

More than 3,000 companies make use of our language services. We have handled projects for more than 150 customers in the medical and public health sectors. Our online portal allows you to submit projects and get an overview of deadlines while benefiting from up-to-the-minute language technology and a variety of CMS integration options.

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We’ll put in a good word for you.

Our global network of selected copywriters and translators creates trust with medical texts that are as clear to your patients as they are to you.

Skip the waiting room with your own personal copy clinic.

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One for all. All for you.

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