There’s nothing artificial about cutting costs and turnaround times.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine translation is faster. And it’s less expensive. In fact, our machine translation solutions can save you anywhere from 30% to 90% compared to a classic human translation. Beep.

And quality is improving, too. Machine translation still isn’t suitable for localizing creative content, but the results you can get from a customized and well-trained neural translation engine are pretty impressive. Especially if you add a human touch at the end.

Let’s talk about it.

Machine translation – how we help you get the most out of it.

Configuration. Implementation. Optimization.

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Customize and train translation engines

Machine translation output depends on your input. And on how well your engine fits your needs. We help you choose a solution and configure and train an engine that meets your expectations.

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Implement MT in your translation workflow

Do you want a raw machine translation solution or one integrated into a workflow with human translators? What about translation memories and termbases? We’ll help you through the jungle of data.

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How much can you really save?

We consider factors such as turnaround times to help you figure out at what point MT will be worth the money, and how much you can save without sacrificing the level of quality you require.

When does machine translation make sense?

Wherever 60% to 80% accuracy is good enough. In other words: for low-impact content that isn’t going to make or break your name.

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User-generated content (reviews)

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In-house communication

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How much does machine translation cost?

The price of raw machine translation is low. And so is the quality. But you can always add talented linguists to improve the machine's output.

Machine translation (MT)

Raw fully automated translations without guarantee of quality.



The engine’s output is automatically aligned with your translation memories and termbases.


MT with light post-editing

Machine translations lightly edited by human translators. Understandable and usable, but not beautiful. When quick and dirty will do.


MT with full post-editing

Machine translations fully edited by human translators. Accurate, comprehensible and stylistically sound. For publishable-quality texts.


What are the differences? Read all about them in our blogpost.

Supertext integrates with the latest neural machine translation engines.

We offer three solutions, and each one has its own advantages. We look forward to helping you find the perfect engine for your needs.

DeepL Pro

DeepL Pro

DeepL Pro is the leading standard MT solution for major European languages such as English, Spanish, French and German. It delivers high-quality generic results but cannot be linked to client-specific termbases or trained using translation memories.



Textshuttle is a University of Zurich spin-off company. Together with Supertext, the team developed a machine translation solution based and continuously trained on our clients’ existing termbases and translation memories.

RWS Language Weaver

RWS Language Weaver

RWS is the translation industry’s biggest software producer. Its MT solution can be trained to produce company-specific output using clients’ glossaries and previous translations. This is particularly effective when a client has a high volume of translations to use for training.

Get even more out of your translation memory. With Supertext MT+.

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MT+ combines a fully integrated machine translation solution and the database with all your previous translations. For measurably better results in real time.

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